Using Poser tubes/Renders in your layouts


Are you always looking for images to use in your layouts? Maybe you 

don’t like taking photo’s or haven’t got any family photo’s to use in your


Here are a few examples on how to use a purchased Poser tube/render

to create a beautiful layout. Mymemories has a variety of these

characters available and they are all full sized.

Check out these examples from My layouts and My CT teams layouts

This layout was created using Lily one of my characters,she is a gorgeous fairy girl and

rendered in a large size 

This layout was created by Jean,she used Glamour shot and 

used my character Sarah to create this stunning layout

So as you can see a lack of photo’s does not need to stop you from creating,

check out my store HERE to find many different characters/Poser tubes to use

 (also available in my other stores)

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