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Frozen Fairytale

My new kit is now available in stores

April Mymemories blogtrain

The April Mymemories blogtrain has left the station

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I would also like to ask you to please read this and potentially help one of my neighbors

“This is a desperate appeal to anyone that is able to help us Save Savannah.

Savannah is a beautiful 22 year old girl from South Africa. She was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at age 8. Although a very hard disease to manage – she did her best and was a perfectly normal fun loving young adult until tragedy struck on the 16th of November 2016.”

Please share and if you donate thank-you very much

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 New kits in store
Now for the rest of the train,please note everyone is on different time zones so if a
part is not available check back later.If a designers kit is showing up as not free,please
leave them a note so they can rectify this,setting sales sometimes reverts the kit back to
their original price and designers are not always aware it has happened

Frozen Fairytale

My new kit is now available in stores

Delicate spring photobook template

My new photobook template is now in store,use coupon code STMMMS95109 when you order your
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